welcome to io consulting

In a nutshell, we give you a way to access highly experienced insight and market research specialists that help you extract as much value as possible from the investment you make in customer and market understanding.​

Our services can compliment an existing insight department or bring capability where none already exists. Our approach is unique and highly flexible; we can be available to you for a few hours, a few days or as part of a longer term partnership. Our business allows you to access the skills you need at the times you need them.

We are not a research agency, so have no research to sell. We do, however, understand the challenge of turning knowledge into meaningful, actionable insights that drive profitability.​ ​

“Having just done my first project with IO Consulting I can highly recommend their work. They helped us extract valuable insight from knowledge that was being under utilised”

Marketing Director, Global Food & Beverage

what we do

We work with businesses in a variety of ways, this is generally aligned to one of three common needs:

We help plug gaps

Sometimes you just need an extra pair of experienced hands to get stuff done. We have the people with the skills you need. What’s more, you can draw on those skills in whatever way suits you.

We help knowledge work harder

Many businesses are drowning in data, but lack the capability (or simply the time) to make sense of that knowledge. We will help you turn that data into meaningful insights that can shape the direction of your business.

We help you develop

We keep on top of the latest tools, trends and techniques in the world of insight and can make sure your teams develop those skills as well, keeping them well versed in how to put your customers at the heart of daily business decisions.

“Having an extra pair of hands has been so valuable in getting the basics right, people forget the time and effort around project briefing and questionnaire set up.”

Insight Director Global FMCG

how we work

We work with a broad range of companies across a variety of industries. Those that already have internal insight departments and/or capability often use us as highly flexible, highly capable resource. Those who are new to market research and insight generation use us as a source of objective expertise.

Whether we embed ourselves within your business or work more remotely, all our consultants have access to the wealth of knowledge and IP within our organisation.

“Working with IO Consulting has been exactly like working with any client research team, except a very organised, informed and supportive one! ”

Account Director, Kantar

how are we different

We believe we are a truly unique business and offer our services in a way like no other.  Our approach has some clear benefits versus the other options you may consider:

More cost efficient and flexible than internal resources

More delivery focused and better equipped than freelancers

More objective & expert than big research agencies

“You are an amazing team and my new Insight heroes!”

Capability Director, Global Energy

examples of our support

Helping plug gaps

We have worked with eBay for over 5 years, providing a range of flexible resourcing matched to their shifting needs​

That has included short term, remote project management support through to longer term embedded resource and maternity cover​

All resource is supported by a central IO Consulting Director

Helping knowledge work harder

As Kerry Foods embarked on a major program of product innovation and category expansion IO Consulting helped them consolidate and distil the relevant insight from their existing knowledge​

This acted as one element of stimulus for the early stage development of a broader innovation strategy and ideation

Helping you develop

Defined, developed and delivered a series of capability programs that redefined the organisation’s approach to consumer understanding and insight​.

Courses, events and tools covering the fundamentals of research to a bespoke approach to insight generation​

Also built a business wide focus on consumer connection through the roll out of a Consumer Safari program 

“Projects feel very collaborative and discussions are open and honest, with IO acting both for the client but also as a mediating force to get the best understanding of the task at hand.”

Global Research Agency Owner

who we are

As with any business – our success is a factor of the quality of our people. Over the last 10 years we have built an associate network of over 20 consultants that regularly work with our business.​

The flexibility of our model means you can access the seniority and experience you need as and when you need it.​

Our team have a mix of backgrounds from both agency and client side as well as specialist experience across a variety of industries and methodologies.​

Such variety provides a rich environment for the exchange of ideas within our own company and means we will always have someone with the skills to quickly have a significant impact on your business.​

The business was founded and is still led by Morgan Arnell

Morgan Arnell

Over 20 years of insight experience working within leading large multinationals (Procter & Gamble, Kimberly Clark, Allied Domecq, Boots Healthcare)​.

Experience heading senior insight teams  at Kimberly Clark and Boots Healthcare, accountable to board level stakeholders for the provision and impact on consumer and customer insight​.

Founder of IO Consulting – leading both capability and insight delivery projects across a wide variety of sectors (B2C and B2B) globally for brand owners and in partnership with other consultancies.

Morgan can often be found clad in lycra adding to the hoards of MAMILS that swarm his local area of the Surrey Hills at weekends.

“It’s a pleasure to work with a team with such a strong research background, who are as eager and excited as ourselves to dig into and extract maximum value from the research projects we run”

Innovation Director, Technology Business


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Why can’t I just work directly with a research agency?

Don’t get us wrong – we think many research agencies are excellent. We have very strong relationships with a large number of them. Unfortunately, they have one limitation. An agency is always tied to their in-house portfolio of research tools and cannot choose from the broad offer of techniques available on the market. IO Consulting has an objective view, we make no profit from the agencies we use so we can ensure you are using the right tools at the right cost to best meet your needs.

Why not use a freelancer?

Unfortunately good freelancers are very hard to come by. Whether you find them yourselves or via a recruitment agency, you very rarely know if they are as good as their CV suggests or if they will be the right fit for your organisation. With IO Consulting you don’t have that issue. Firstly our employees are the best. In the very rare case that the fit or capability isn’t right for you we can very easily place an alternative resource. Secondly, whatever the challenge our employees will always have the wider IO Consulting team to fall back on, be it through our extensive library of IP or simply by asking us for advice! Independent freelancers don’t have the luxury of such a network.

How do I know that you don’t charge more than a research agency is actually billing?

We have no deals with research agencies, otherwise we would lose our independence and objectivity. With the majority of projects we ensure research agencies directly bill the client (subject to prior review by us to ensure transparency and accuracy of the costs)

Can IO Consulting actually help me save on research costs?

Cost savings quite often come from simply doing more with less! Having good people drive every last insight from what you already know can frequently get decisions made without the need for yet more research expenditure. When we do place research, we know from experience what costs are to be expected and appropriate for a piece of work. That means we will negotiate a fair price and will make sure that you are not being overcharged by a supplier.

How does IO Consulting ensure client confidentiality?

Our clients can rely on absolute confidentiality. Any clients within the same industry are managed by different directors. All agencies working on our behalf comply with all industry standards.

In how many countries do you work?

As a new business we are initially based in the UK but our people have a broad range of global expertise. We are able willing to travel and where necessary be on the ground for as long as you need us. Our extensive experience and knowledge of global research suppliers gives us capability in virtually every market.

How do you stay at the cutting edge of research?

As with any company, we are only as good as our people. Fortunately we only employ the best insight professionals with significant, proven experience. We also find, as a growing business, each new team member brings fresh perspective that often challenges all our thinking, Added to that, we ensure each of our staff receives a variety of personal and professional development.

“You’ve helped embed insight and market research best practice at every level of our organisation, from the basics of doing research well to improving the way we craft insight led brand and product concepts”

NPD Director

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